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BMW TFT Sharp LQ065T9BR52 - how to connect?

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  • BMW TFT Sharp LQ065T9BR52 - how to connect?

    Hi out there,

    thanks for the help on the first topic regarding my BMW setup.

    Now, yesterday I disassembled the whole unit (horrible!) because I want to complete the carputer a. s. a. p. now.

    What I found (and I REALLY need your help now!) is that the 16:9 wide screen that Alpine uses as manufacturer of the whole HiFi unit is a Sharp LQ065T9BR52, resolution 400xRGBx240 (234).

    Now, I didn't find exactly this, but I found the Sharp LQ065T9BR51 which seems to be the same thing (only different viewing angle).
    You find the datasheet at


    what is the best way to hook this screen to the computer?

    thanks in advance


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    Hi guys,

    okay, no reply...
    to be honest, I didn't think that somebody could help - but now you can, I believe ;-))

    Allright, now I got all information together:

    The screen is a Sharp LQ065T9BR52, resolution 400xRGBx240 (234 for NTSC).
    The input from the video module is RGB, with sync-on-green. I've built a circuit which takes the standard signal of a vga card and adds the H-sync and V-sync signals to green. So I can connect a standard vga card of my carputer to the screen now.

    Unfortunately, the screen only accepts the right signal @ 60Hz.

    I've got all the stuff together and prebuilt, the player works fine and is integrated in the original system as I wanted it (I can reverse it in minutes, which I will have to do because it's a leased car).

    The only questions that's left to complete my setup is:

    which vga card is capable to output 400 x 240 @60Hz?

    Should run under windows if possible, but if it only works with Linux I'll do that too.




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      XFree86 will allow you to do that with a little bit of modeline tweaking, this with most _good_ video cards (matrox comes to mind)

      Have fun
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