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320x240 graphic LCD - interfacing

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  • 320x240 graphic LCD - interfacing

    I have a 320 x 240 graphic LCD that i would like to rig up! Can you tell me how i would go about wiring this to my serial port then?

    details as follows:
    Hi guys,

    I am interested in trying to get my 6" 320x240 graphic LCD display connected to my serial port.

    it has Sanyo LC794xx controllers. It is from Data International Model: 32240 WN2C2W-H 316-2450

    1-4: D0-D3 Display Data
    5: /DISPOFF H: on L: off
    6: FLM First line market
    7: M Frame reverse signal
    8: LP Data latch
    9: CP Data shift
    10: VCC power supply for logic circuit (+)
    11: VSS Ground
    12: VLCD Power for LCD (-)
    13: VADJ Operating voltage LCD driving
    14: FGND front panel ground

    I have a feeling i may need a controller? Any ideas?
    What software can i use to operaite this?
    Where can i get an appropriate backilght inverter for this?


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    I think you need a controller to control the lc794's, I'm not sure, but I think my lcd also has a couple of these "behind" the main controller t6963C, like in this PDF I found: .

    You'll also need a rs232 <=> ttl-parrallel converter I think. check Maxim for this
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    for info on t6369c LCD or Presslab's powersupply check: <=updated!!


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      Any ideas where i can get this controller (how much?) and what is Maxim. Sorry but graphic LCD's are a new domain for me!


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        Maxim are a big integrated circuit manufacturer and can be found at

        As for a controller - i haven't got a clue - where did you get the graphic lcd from - sounds like a good idea.
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          Graphic LCD is from data international. I would really like to get it going and i will keep the forum posted.


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            Originally posted by MP3IAN by Ian Gregory
            Graphic LCD is from data international. I would really like to get it going and i will keep the forum posted.
            maybe query them for a datasheet..... when I got my char LCDs I was able to get about 30 pages of datasheets that told me all the timings and programming data I needed.....

            im sure if they stock the parts that their suppliers can give them a few datasheets for the products.... I would start with them..
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