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LCD clock replacement

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  • LCD clock replacement

    I've searched but couldn't find anything...

    Is there any software I could use to output Time/Date to an LCD?

    I was considering replacing my stock clock with a 16x2 display that woud have the time and full date displayed on it.
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    Yep But I can't remember the name - something like winlcd or something would probably do it. Otherwise many winamp plugins can output time and date to the lcd display as well as winamp title e.t.c.

    Hope this is some help - check overclockers sites as they like to have them show temperature and stuff as well.
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      Hey Shikuno, did you find anything about displaying time and date on lcd?

      I think I found something. look under downloads

      I don't know if it going to work because I haven't wired my 4x40 yet.

      Hope it helps you.

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