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Lilliput Image Flipped and Mirrored

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  • Lilliput Image Flipped and Mirrored

    I received my 809GL-80NP/C/T last week. I hooked it up on my desk and everything was great. I took it apart to glue, epoxy, and bondo the front cover into my bezel of my 98 Suburban. Today I painted it and reassembled the LCD, and back panel, and the image, including the OSD, is now upside-down and backwards. I've searched and found two posts that say to hold the > button for 5+ seconds, but it does not work for me. Holding the > cycles the brightness through about 5 different levels. I've also tried every possible combination of pressing, holding, pressing at the same time, holding while cycling power, but nothing seems to do it. Is it possible the I hooked something back up wrong? I've read the small manual that was included with the display, but I see nothing about flipping the image.

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    its the ribbon cable, i had the same problem a couple years back.


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      There is bundled software that can flip the image also, I was screwing with it one time, it took me about five minutes to flip it back. haha
      Just in case it accidently got enabled


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        Thanks for the help

        Originally posted by Kalt View Post
        its the ribbon cable, i had the same problem a couple years back.
        Thanks Kalt. That is exactly what is was. I removed the ribbon cable and the end was a little shredded, so I trimmed it back and carefully put it back together. Now it is working prefectly.