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  • Carputer in Scion xB

    Hell all, long time viewer, first time poster. Thanks in advance for any input that is recieved, it's appreciated greatly. Ok here we go. I have a 2005 Scion xB with the stock stero unit (Model: T1804). I am a computer tech and know a lot about computers. I want to get a computer into my box. I have 2 options that I am going off of.

    Option #1:
    $450  single din 7Ē Xenarc 700IDT  would go in the open single din slot as pictured
    $60  auxillary adapter from Toyota to link into stock pioneer head unit for audio to computer
    $30  external antenna for GC-89 Sony Ericsson card
    $100  cheap laptop (not worried about computer because I have a ton to pick from), $40  USB fingerprint reader to be mounted in 1 of the 3 open dash ports for logins/passwords
    $680 total  would use stock stereo

    *NOTES* will mount the cheap laptop computer in the little compartment in the trunk and run wires under carpet. Will use GC-89 through T-Mobile to get online (have had the T-Mobile account for about 1.5 years now. Would use an external antenna for the GC-89 and run it out the trunk and mount it on the roof. I have 3 ports available under the single din open port which I was gonna wire in a USB port or 2 in one, a multimedia card reader in one and the last one I will mount 1 110V outlet for extra things if needed. I plan on using a 300-400 watt inverter and wire it up to the back of the cigarette lighter, that way I can still use the cigarette lighter port if I need to. (I donít smoke anyways). I have a Microsoft GPS unit that will interface to the laptop via USB, and somehow mount GPS receiver near the window for the GPS signal. I have Streets and Trips 2006 for the mapping program. I also have a PCMCIA Bluetooth card that will interface to the laptop for Bluetooth communication to my treo 700p or any other cell phone for that madder, which can then be used as a backup internet connection if T-Mobile fails (which it frequently does because their coverage isnít so good where I travel). I will use for MP3 abilities + iTunes + limewire + winamp/any other MP3 program for music. I also want to mount a slim line DVD/CD-RW drive somewhere in the dash and interface that back to the computer as well. The power situation I will worry about later for the optical drive (Iím not worried about it). As far as the power to the computer goes, I will have a working battery in it to get me at least an hour if I need it, and ill use the inverter to power the machine and set some special programs to power the unit on/off with the ignition of the car (I can prolly hotwire the power button of the laptop and run a switch up to the front and mount that in the dash as well).

    ~PROS~ = LCD screen is inconspicuous, so no one would see it = less chance of getting broke into and getting it stolen.
    ~CONS~ = have to spend $60 freakin dollars on stupid Toyota adapter for auxillary audio. With the 7Ē LCD screen in the single din slot, when the screen is out, my controls for the heating/ac/hazards/defroster are covered, so I would have to fold down lcd every time I would want to adjust heating/ac.

    Option #2:
    $265  Double DIN 7Ē Lilliput 619GL-70NP/C/T LCD Screen (havnít figured out if I can mount that with no problems in my double DIN stereo port, (I would take the stock stereo out, and use a blaupunkt stero unit that I had in my old car))
    $30  External antenna for the GC-89 Card
    $100  cheap laptop
    $40  USB fingerprint reader
    $435 = total  would use blaupunkt stereo

    *NOTES* I would ditch the stock stereo unit and use my single din blaupunkt stero head. I would just have to get a wire adapter for it (not a problem at all). The blaupunkt stero head I donít think is as good as my stock pioneer head, but I donít care because Iím gonna be interfacing music through the computer anyways. The blaupunkt head has auxillary input via RCA, so I wouldnít have to spend $60 on an adapter kit for the head. The other concern is: can the blaupunkt head power all 8 of my speakers in my box?... that Iíll find out when I get home from work today when I dig up the blaupunkt stereo. I would mount the Lilliput LCD in the double din slot where I will be taking the stock stereo out.

    ~PROS~ = LCD is their ready to go at all times. Donít have to spend $60 on an auxillary wireing kit for stock stereo as I will be using blaupunkt one that comes with auxillary ready.
    ~CONS~ = LCD is in plain site, and someone might see it and want to steal it. Blaupunkt stereo may not be able to support all the speakers (to much power maybe)

    Some questions:
    1) How well do these LCD screens work in extreme heat and extreme cold?
    2) would you choose a single DIN pop-out LCD or a fixed mount double din one in my situation.

    Once again, thanks for the help.


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    i have a xenarc 700tsv and the car2pc adapter by jbors it works great and no blocking of the hvac controls
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      I have an 8" with no problems but it is permanent and a second bezel is neede to go back.

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        I want to get a computer into my box.
        Well whatever floats your boat I guess... I'd suggest some lube..

        Haha just kidding, welcome to the forums.
        To start, I have a lilliput 619, and used to have a blaupunkt head unit. I love them both. I would suggest the lilliput 619, and the blaupunkt over the Xernarc and stock pioneer head unit.

        I would be worried about any 100$ laptops you can get though. You will need a fairly decent one (as far as bad laptops go) to run most gps programs. Itunes is also fairly resource hungry.

        I would also consider searching for, and looking at the dc - dc power solutions on this forum.

        There are also prebuilt remote mount laptop power switches that a forum member sells. I'd look into that.

        good luck


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          1) How well do these LCD screens work in extreme heat and extreme cold?
          Search this are many threads on this.

          Mine generally "works" in the extreme cold and in extreme heat, however it doesnt sync properly in extreme cold and there are crazy white lines. This makes it impossible to read text, but you can roughly see images and what not.

          I also have it off of unregulated 12 volts, which is more than likely the reason for these problems.

          My monitor also works in extreme heat, however the heat my monitor recieves is generaly caused by the heating vents being 3" from the back of my monitor.

          Because of this, I cut a whole where the speaker used to be in the back of the monitor and place an old cpu fan over it (like 7+ years old), and mounted a fan speed controller to the back of the monitor casing. The fan is a 12 volt fan, so it gets its power from the same cable the monitor does.

          This keeps the monitor cool in extreme heat situations. I'd post a picture but my digital camera is mia.
          I got the idea to do this from someone else on the forum, don't remeber who.

          2) would you choose a single DIN pop-out LCD or a fixed mount double din one in my situation.


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            well after looking at some more lcd screens and talking to my buddie who works at best buy, i think i've decided to use the blaupunkt stereo with and use the lilliput motorized lcd at this link here:

            I'll spend an extra $20 to get the built in fm/am tuner + RCA+ tv tuner


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              Well i purchased the GL-701TV/C/T and am gonna mount in on the top din of the car and put my blaupunkt one on the bottom din and put a dvd burner drive in the last din.


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                Some updated Pictures

                I've still got more work to do, but it's coming along very very well. I'm overbudget by about $300 now... but i kinda knew that that would happen. the computer i ended up going with was a dell latitude C610/P3 1.2/512MB/80GB. I hotwired the wire to the video board of the laptop, and when you ground it, it will act as the on/off switch... the switch in mounted into the dash as well (as pictured). Lite-ON 16X dvd +-R/RW drive. 2 different media card readers... and SD one and a sony MS one... should suffice. I need to go to a hobby store and pic up a couple of different colors of paint, mix em, and then do some touchup paint job around the usb port, sc/ms port, and dvd burner... im still waiting on a IBM thinkpad USB fingerprint reader that will go into the left plug that is still in their.


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                  well after waiting for a week and a half for the freakin shipping on the screen ( i have it, and it didn't include the stupid 9 pin vga to 15pin vga/usb connector... im not happy about that.


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                    Well, I did a test run into my car, and it doesn't even work (the one motor i think is busted)... anyways, im returning it to the guy i bought it from from ebay. i've already ordered the same one from i trust them .... soooooooo many hasels


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                      Finally done... here is my website (to save bandwidth on and it has all my pictures... i threw in some pics of the base of the laptop mount and the fishing pole rack ...


                      What do you all think?


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                        ^^^ very nice work dude. i wish i had the guts + skills + money to install something INTO my box. right now, im just using a tablet laptop in my xb but it is a great solution for me. if you wanna check out my setup, click on the link in my sig.

                        good work. im diggin the location of the dvd drive.
                        - sh00k
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                          I know this is an old thread but My question is, DOES THE SCREEN STILL WORK?
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                            I know I'm digging up dirt here, but I googled my username (JB007Rules) and I found a TON of stuff ... Yes it does still work... as a madder of fact it broke, and liliput ended up sending me a new one for $100 and after that I sold it in January to my buddy that I was working with at the time, AFAIK it's still in his 2006 Scion xB right now