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Is this a good screen to use?

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  • Is this a good screen to use?

    Found on parts express... Would this be decent to use for video and such? And what would be involved in attaching it to a incar pc? Sorry, I'm not to up to date on all of this stuff. I don't want to have to bend over to buy an LCD

    Here is the link:

    And sorry for asking a stupid question... Flame away.

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    please attach the link or picture next time

    anyway, if this is the screen i am thinking of (~5 inch w/ rca input), it has been talked about many times before...please search for this topic... i dont think it has good picture quality, but i dont know for sure....

    by the way, asking a question like this will most likely get you flamed... i happened to be in a good mood, so i decided not to scream at you...


    edit... what do you want to do with this screen.... dvd, winamp, gps????

    personally, i wouldnt shell out ~300 for that screen, that seems really high for a composite video screen.... unless you are set on getting a 6.4 inch... give us more details...dashboard installation or on an arm... we need more info if you want us to decide on a screen for you.

    yes you can run it from a video card, as long as the card has rca out.... but it will most likely look pretty crappy for anything other than winamp (or similar program) on probably a 640x480 resolution, maybe even less of a res...
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      To run that screen you will need either, a video card with composite video out, or you'll need to us a scan converter, to us it with a normal video card. Quite a bit has been mentioned on scan converters recently, might be worth having a read around.

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