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Quick CrystalFontz 634 wiring question

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  • Quick CrystalFontz 634 wiring question

    My laptop serial port does not output enough to drive the LCD. However my PS/2 port puts out a solid +5VDC, so let me make sure I get this straight. I can bypass the DB9 connector on the board and use the solder connectors like this. If I short JPE (which is marked "closed: 0v to +5V"), the module will use +5VDC rather than the -12VDC, correct? This way, I can connect both the serial port ground and the PS/2 port ground to the GND solder port, and then connect the +5VDC from the PS/2 port to both the +5V(LCD) and the +5V(LED) solder ports, then connect laptop serial port pin 3 to the module's solder pin 5 to provide the data.

    Is this correct? THanks!