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Waterproof LCD --> ATV computer

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  • Waterproof LCD --> ATV computer


    I'm planning to build some sort of a computer for an ATV that would handle GPS, engine/drivetrain status, MP3, radio, DVD/CD, microsoft functions...etc, but have been looking at PC and LCD options.

    Is the only place to get good rugged/vibration/extreemly waterproof LCDs? They are very costing, and was wondering what others have done to get a decent product that is waterproof and effective.

    As for PCs, I found I have no idea if this is what I want, but what would yall suggest for the best vibration/waterproof application for an ATV?

    Thanks for you help,

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    Before you spend money on autonode, read these 2 thread first
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    89 Supra Turbo P3 [email protected]/Abit BE6 II, Alpine M-BUS Car2PC.
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    RoadRunner is the best FE PERIOD
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      what are my other options then?

      Can a lilliput be made waterproof?


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        i gots one of dems cf-29 panasonic toughbooks... mines got a touchscreen, and a transmissive (easy to type on) backlit keyboard... that combined with my auto mount, combined with internet card = awesome. i spent around $5000 on mine though... i've dropped mine twice, (once last weekend lol... it happened to be raining out, and landed in a huge puddle about 3" deep lol)... (it fell outta the sling case)...their great machines


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          Originally posted by rhurley View Post
          what are my other options then?

          Can a lilliput be made waterproof?
          Sure, but it is ALL about the money at that point. What you want won't be cheap, unless you do it yourself. And, that can be done, just takes some ingenuity.

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