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Lilliput has released a 3rd generation In Dash Monitor

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  • Lilliput has released a 3rd generation In Dash Monitor

    Lilliput released a 3rd generation GL-701NP/C/T(not available with the TV tuner yet) on 11-01-06. This was a response to the issues that they were having with the 2nd generation monitors. The 3rd gen look exactly the same as the same as the 2nd gen units until you inspect them very closely. You would notice that the hinges have been redesigned and are shorter and wider. They also totally revised the PCB. Please let me know if you want me to post pics of both internal and external shots.
    They addressed the following areas with the redesign:
    Faulty programming- they fixed all known issues with bad code.
    Weak/brittle gears that break- they revamped the hinges and changed vendors for their gears.
    Motor strength -they replaced the motors they were using with a stronger model. Now there is a noticeable difference in the sound they make as well as the opening and closing speed. They are much less choppy when they close, flow much nicer, and donít sound like they are straining.
    Sound output/input options- Prior to the 3rd gen you were unable to play sound from the PC over the stock speakers using the GL-701 as an amp. You can do this now, which is an incredible improvement.
    Fuzzy or flickering picture- my understanding is that most of the time the picture quality issues were mostly related to improper user settings. They added an auto tuning feature that automatically fine tunes the picture every time it comes on.
    The one annoying thing that I have found is that the damn thing beeps, like the touch screen interface, every time you turn it up or down or change functions. After I have had more of a chance to play with it I will let you know it can be turned off in the OSD. Cheers the kid

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    Although it's certainly good information about the in-dash Lilli.
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