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    im sure you guys will have been asked this b4 but your the best people to ask.

    I want to put a computer into my car, the cpu etc.. is no problem but im not sure what is best to do about the display, i thought of the following options:

    1. get a laptop and use its screen with the vga output from the pc.

    2. use a LCD that has a composite feed and use some sort of converter but i dont know what?

    Any help guys???


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    Top right corner of the page, second button from the right.

    First laptop screens are no straight forward VGA, as we all know it, to us an LCD from a laptop you'll probably need a controller card (expensive) and some fiddeling.

    Does anyone have a good site on this?

    For a composite screen you'll need either a scan converter or a video card with composite out (all in wonder or the like)

    Key things to think about.

    Size, Resultion, Cost, Technical ability

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