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    hey after a few weeks with a datalux 10.4" touchscreen, jerry rigged to my dash i was wondering if anyone ever made theire own mount that went into a DIN unit and had an arm coming out the side then had the display on a pivot? thats what i would like to do but unfortunantly i dont have access to a welder while i'm home from school (other then a big deisel Lincoln arc welder) any other ideas for putting it together (out of metal) besides welding? thanks.

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    JB Weld Tis good stuff, and should be strong enough for what you want.

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      hmmm.... I'm doing the same thing, or at least something similar. I think my solution is going to be to go to the local friendly boating supply store and get the Stainless Steel pieces they use for sailboat railings. They have a bunch of pre bent shapes and one of them looks perfect to me. Cheap? Hell no, but it will be strong and look cool for sure!


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        Datalux touchscreen mount...

        I mounted a Datalux touchscreen in the cupholder mount of my 2002 Jetta GLX. The factory cupholder in a Jetta is one of those springloaded, pop-out-of-the-dash types but the only problem is that it suspends your beverage of choice right in front of the stereo blocking the controls! Not only is it difficult to operate the stereo but condensation and Coca-Cola can drip all over the stereo itself! Since the cupholder is an all-in-one cartridge design, I popped it out, removed the cupholder itself from the frame, and bolted a square piece of metal to the cupholder frame with a trailer-hitch looking thing welded to the front of it. I wired a momentary pushbutton in parallel with my laptop's power switch so I could put it into and out of hibernation from the driver's seat and placed the switch in the cupholder's old front trim panel that now covers my mount. I drilled another hole for the touchscreen's pigtail. It works great! The piece of wood is the template I made that I took to the local welder. The laptop has an 802.11a wireless card and I use SmartSync Pro to automatically sync my car with my home desktop PC. I bought an adapter from to get the computer's sound through my factory Monsoon system. It sounds awesome! The best thing about a laptop/docking station setup is that all of the power issues of my previous desktop-PC-in-the-car setup went away as well as all sound quality issues stemming from that. I can also use the computer anywhere or just take it inside if it's going to be particarly hot that day (which it gets in Mississippi).