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Lilliput 619 or 629?

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  • Lilliput 619 or 629?

    Does anyone have any pros / cons for each monitor?


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    I was also wondering the differences in the two touchscreens. Is the 629 a newer model? I didn't see any striking differences between the two units specs. Did I miss something?


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      The 619GL is flat on the bezel, while the 629 is curved. I believe the aspect ratios are different (15:9 vs. 16:9)
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        Are the controlers different? Cause I have a controler here that hooks up to the hitatchi lcd but wont plug up to the 619-7 buttons
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          does it really matter which one i get if i have a premolded dash console with the bezel for a 619 does it matter if i get a 629?...since im removing the bezel and using the one on my dashconsole which is already molded in...just want to clarify because the store is sold out of 619s and i wanna order one bad and they only have 629s in stock


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            The 629's bezel is flat while the older 619 is curved. As fas as I know from comparing mine and my friends, it is exactly the same except for the connection in the back. If you are going to take the bezel off anyway, either one would work.