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help choosing 7" screen

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  • help choosing 7" screen

    ok, im new to this so please be nice.

    i saw the available screens for purchase on the homepage of this site. but i am unsure which one i want/need. i have a scion tC and im sure it will fit a 7". so now i jus need to decide which 7" will be best for me, and that is y i need ur help.


    in feb, i plan on buying the Wii to put in my car, and i need a screen/monitor to hook it up to. most importantly, i dont want anything cheap. i want damn near the best, and im not concerned bout the price to much, i jus want to see me options.
    also, towards the summer of 2007 i plan on buying my supplies to start my car pc.

    so basically, this screen will be for my Wii and for a future car Pc.

    again, im lookin for something that is good in color and resolution. i dont want a screen that looks black if u look at it from the side, or is not very visible in the sun, u kno?
    it also needs to fit my needs to be hooked up to a Wii and car pc.

    any and all help is very much appreciated.

    thanx in advance

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    you'll probably want the 7" transflective Lilliput that MP3 Car sells. It's expensive but so far it is the most used sun-readable option out there. You should start thinking about other criteria of monitors too. Options, ie. auto on, secondary video inputs, auto detect rear view camera, screen resolutions and dimensions for modified installations.


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      yea i've been doin some readings, and it looks like alot of thought needs to be put into this before just buying.

      so i myte just hold off.

      cause as of right now, im confused. lol


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        my old Hami 8" is also bright sunreadable. but its cable is not as good as Liliput where it use lockable plugs.
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