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    Hi I want to use a LCD-Dot-Matrix connected through the LTP-Port to my Computer!
    Now I've heard that it's not possible to place my computer in the rear of the car and the display in the front, because the lenght of the parallelcable (HD4470) has not to be longer than half a meter!
    Is that right???
    Do i have to use a Serial display cable, if yes, how do i connect it to my display???
    THX Patrick

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    It has all been discussed before, but a quick recap (try the Search function...):

    As long as you use shielded parallel cable and keep it well away from power cables the parallel lead may be ok. However, it can depend on the signal quality and interference from sources like power cables. Best bet is to try it in your car - there isn't really a way to say for sure.

    As for serial, you can buy an expensive Matrix Orbital serial display or something like that, but they are pricey... Or, you can purchase a serial to parallel lcd "backpack" as its described in my Rapid Electronics Catalogue...

    Apparently they convert the serial signal from your pc to a parallel signal so you can use an ordinary parallel lcd from a serial port - I don't have one and I blew up my character lcd a while back... Ahh well

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      char lcds are easy to extend! i had mine over 3-4m long without a problem (shielded cable of course).