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Replacing an LCD display in an already existing touchscreen

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  • Replacing an LCD display in an already existing touchscreen

    Has anyone replaced the LCD screen of an already existing touchscreen system? I'm thinking of swapping out my Datalux LCD (Sharp) with another Sharp model which is 350 nits instead of 200. I have found that this Sharp screen which is 350 nits WILL work with my controller, and also that my screen can be connected using a 1:1 Hirose cable. My questions are:

    1. Is there any special precautions I need to take when selecting an inverter, as long as its guaranteed to work with the LCD display?

    2. If I have a Datalux monitor already, does it already have a Hirose cable in it? (have not taken it apart yet)

    3. Are there special procedures required when removing the old screen and installing the new one to make sure no dust gets between it and the touchscreen?

    4. Has anyone done this? I have a Datalux LMV10R2 which according to Claylong is the same as the Allen controller, and the new screen I bought is a Sharp LQ104V1DG11.

    thanks for any help

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    there is no cable connecting them, a connector on one and the opposite gender on the other, they push together, let me know if it works, also where did you get the display? wipe away dust.

    dont know about the inverter


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      Ah yes.... I am interested in this too, this topic spans several threads....