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LQ10D421 + Allen Controller

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  • LQ10D421 + Allen Controller

    I just got me LQ10D421 from e-bay.
    The screen as a 31-pin hirose and came complete with an inverter
    I plan this weekend to build a 1-1 hirose connector (I think this works for this screen).

    I think that i found all the info i need, but as always i am afraid of 2 things:
    1) I dont know how to connect the inverter. I will try to connect only +12V, +5V, GND, but this works??? How about the brightness voltage???
    2) I am not sure, where i must connect the controller to +12V and GND to PSU. Is on the VGA Cable???

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Allen if you hear my cry, please send me the controller datasheet.
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    1. your inverter will either take 12v or 5v. make sure you know which one it takes. if you want to use the brightness feature, you have to have an inverter with a dimming feature. the connections on allens card are 12v, 5v, brightness, turn-on, and gnd, BUT I DONT KNOW THE ORDER THEY ARE IN!!!!!

    2. i THINK the power supply to the controller is provided via pin 1 and the gnd is pin 2. or somehting like that... i know that all the wiring is done on the 8x2 pin header.

    there is a connection datasheet floating around here somewhere... you might want to search for it. allen doesnt have anything of great use anymore.

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      IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      It worked from the First try!!!

      Some notes:

      It is easy to build a hirose cable. I did it in 1 hour, in a
      prototype PCB.
      The tricky part, is to fix the connector to the PCB. I used
      superglue, but i think that epoxy glue is better.
      To solder the wires to the connector, i used very thin wire
      (0.1mm) without plastic insulation (it looks like the ones
      in a transformer). It a very special kind that i found in RS components. Without it, i dont think it is possible.

      For the LQ10D421, the connection is 1 to 1. The colors are fine.

      Finally the inverter. I found that the pinout in allens board is
      1- GND
      2- +12V
      3- +5V
      4- Brightness 0 to 5V.
      5- ??? (measured at 4V. 5V pulsed????)

      My inverter, requires 0-2.5V for brighthness. So with 2 resistors of 100K i built a voltage divider.

      As soon as i could borrow a digital camera, i will post some photos.
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        thanks for the info... i know a lot of people have been requesting that pinout voltage list for the allen controller.

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          Touch Screen Connector

          I tested the Allen's controller Touch interface. I found that it does NOTHING more than routing the connectors from the VGA/Serialto it.Is there simply to help you have ONLY ONE cable connected from the controller to the PC.
          If you check the PCB, you will notice that there is no special IC for a touch interface.
          So if you want to connect a touch screen in your LCD, as i did, simply power-up the controller from pin 1(GND) and pin 2(+5V), and connect the serial port of the controller to Pins 4(Rxd) and 5 (Txd).
          This scheme requires that the controller works with Xon-Xoff Serial flow control protocol. Mine (Microtouch/3M SC3) works. Check Yours.
          FIAT Multipla MP3/TFT 10.4