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  • Removable LCD Mounting

    Hello, I would like to put a full MP3car system in my Jeep Wrangler. Is there any 5" minimum LCDs that will let me mount it to the side of my console horizontal to the car then tilt it up towars the driver? If I'm going to be putting an LCD in it has to be removable. Are most of them removable from the mounting brackets for security reasons? If not would velcro work to hold it on to the bracket when driving? How good are the 4"-6.4" LCD's at running GPS maps? I would like to mainly use the system for MP3s and GPS. Thanks

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    If the screen you choose comes with a mounting bracket and/or arm then you could easily remove it... If it does not, then building a removable mounting system or buying a mounting arm is your next best alternative. A 5" screen is going to be a little small for many gps programs... and regular velcro probably will not work for you.