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SBC to LCD question

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  • SBC to LCD question

    Iv got this single board computer below:

    It says it supports:
    "VGA/LCD CHIPS F65550 / 32-bit PCI VGA & LCD panel
    Resolution up to 1024 x768 at 64K colors
    Supports both 3.3V and 5V LCD panels "

    I got a Nec 10.4 lcd (More info) with inverter and tocuhscreen with controller on ebay to use with it

    The lcd has a 31pin Hirose cable coming from it butthe SBC doesnt have a similar connector. Probably a dumb question but im new to the LCD thing. Are there any adapters to make this work with the SBC I have?

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    Good luck, I'm going through the same hellish problem.

    It might be worth your while searching throught some of my posts, the following ones offer the most help.

    Also the forums at may be of some help.

    If you find out any thing new please post it.
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