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high nit lcds?

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  • high nit lcds?

    anyone know a place to get a higher nit lcd? all the ones on ebay and places like that top out at about 250. is there a place that sells cheap (used, refurb, like prices you get on ebay) lcds with nits higher than 250? I want to upgrade the lcd in my datalux, but I don't want to just go up 50 nits, I want like a 400 or something. ideas??

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    Hey there fella...I actually am in the process of doing exactly what you want to do. The best I could find in a reasonable price range was a Sharp LQ104V1DG11. It's 350 nits and requires 2 backlight inverters for full brightness. I'm hoping it will be much better in sunlight than my current 200 nit screen. I'll let you know how it goes.

    I found that screen when browsing

    this site

    The salesperson there quoted me a ridiculous price of like 300 or 500 bucks just for the SCREEN! I think e-bay will definitely be your friend here I suggest you go on e-bay, look what screens are being sold, then try searching for the datasheet for each one and check the brightness in nits (cd/m^2).


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      You could try this site:

      Also maybe read their LCD faq which explains NIT brightness.


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        try looking here


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          I got my Sharp LQ104V1DG11 for like $30-$50 off ebay...just gotta keep waiting and searching, eventually one will pop up...that's how I did it. Anywhere else will charge you at least $100. Don't forget, you'll have to get an inverter (and controller)...the inverter is harder to find, you'll have to go somewhere like (that's where I got mine) but it's pretty pricey...still, I'm happy with how bright mine is, but I haven't tried a 150 nit lcd. Don't have it in the car yet, tho.
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            Check this posting here.