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Lilput 7" lines & distortion

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  • Lilput 7" lines & distortion

    Hi All

    I have a strange problem with my Lilput 7" touch screen.

    When the engine is ON,i can drive 15-20 min and the picture in the screen is clear..than the lines and the distortion are starting to show and also a very hight pitch sound from the screen,i need to restart the PC few times untill i get a clear picture from the start.
    I added the noice filter and i think it helps very little in my case.

    I also use the M1-ATX car PC PSU

    Today i found that when there are lines and distorion ...i open the media player and make it "full screen" and when i go back to normal screen i get clear picture again....

    I hope somone can help me with that.
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