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Tried everything for 619GL-70NP auto on with no luck

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  • Tried everything for 619GL-70NP auto on with no luck

    I know this has been covered extensively, but I have tried EVERY single post that I can find to get this to work and have had zero luck.

    I purchased what I am told is a 619GL-70NP pre-mounted in the WRX adapter from the mp3car store. I have no housing or anything, so all I can see is the controller board, but the sales dept said that it comes with a 619 and the remote, cable, etc, all look like the various pictures in the forum posts. I have tried the 588998 code in every way, shape, and form. I'm trying to avoid the hardware method if possible. I have verified that the remote buttons are working. Is it possible that this is a newer model (just received it a couple of weeks ago) that has changed the auto on procedure? I have noticed from other people's images that of the controller board that mine looks a little different. It has an IC on it that is surface mounted at a 45 degree angle, so that is why I was wondering if this is a newer model or something. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!


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    Finally got it!

    Ok, here is what I had to do after trying every way that I could think of... I gave one last combo a try and this was it:

    1) Unplug power on screen / take battery out of remote
    2) Plug screen back in
    3) Power screen on BY BUTTON ON MONTIOR - NOT REMOTE - this was the step that I didn't ever try before
    4) Put battery back in remote and push 588998 while blue lights are still on (pretty much as SOON as you see a VGA picture on the screen)
    5) Poof, the number entry screen appears. I used 1270210 to make it auto power on.

    The important thing I learned was that this has to be done FIRST THING after the monitor has been powered on with the button on the front of the montior. I don't know if the removal of the battery is really necessary. I read about that in another post, and it worked when I did it. After punching in about a thousand combos, I'm just happy it worked and didn't feel like double checking to see if any of the steps were unnessasary