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About NEC TFT panels.. where do I get a controller?

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  • About NEC TFT panels.. where do I get a controller?

    Hi all,
    I recently saw some *humongous* NEC NL128102AC28-01 and -04 18.1" LCD panels at a local surplus store. The -01 version seems to be analog input, but requires something like a "dot clock" in addition to the RGB signals. The -04 version requires LVDS inputs...

    Question is, where do I buy a controller for these at reasonable cost? Or could I just hack up a simple "dot clock generator" for single resolution usage (I can't imagine running these at less than 1280x1024 :P)

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    Earth LCD sell controllers but there not cheap, expect to pay upwards of $200 for one, also keep an eye out on ebay, the ocasionally come up for a fair bit less.

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