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    hiya guys.. im trouble in what sort of screen to use.
    ive heard about all these people using laptop screens a display units in their cars... ok sounds great. but the question is how do you see the screen on an angle when it is permanetly mounted?
    i mean when you look at a laptop screen from the side you cant see anything. just brightness.. i wanted the screen in my dash for everyone to see. so what sort of screens can be seen on a slight angle when they are hard mounted in the dash? or are there some laptop screens that can be viewed from the side. prefer a 10 inch screen or bigger

    that is a pic of my interior and where the screen is going to be mounted..

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    First it depends on the screen, newer TFT screens have a pretty good viewing angle these days, about 45 degrees in each direction, where as older LCD screen require you to be imeadiately infront of them.

    When choosing a screen check the veiwing angle first, and see if it fits your requirements.


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      My laptop you can see perfectly clear over 180 arc..

      from the top you get about 60 and from the bottom about 30

      I have a dell inspiron 8100 FYI
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