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mounting redant in-dash lcd

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  • mounting redant in-dash lcd

    How do you mount the Redant In-Dash 5.6" lcd in a standard din space ?

    I got the mounting frame in the box but it doesnīt "snap on" anyway to the lcd.
    There was also some screws but i canīt figure out how they want it to be assembled.

    Any help or tips would be nice.


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    I got the same 5.6" in-dash LCD, but haven't installed it yet ... but I had a mounting bracket in my Accord and it has two levels of screws so I will have my Sony below and LCD on top, it's kinda like putting HD or CDROMs into PCs ... search around for a double DIN mounting bracket for your car, it might cost between $12-$18.

    -- Vikram
    5.6" Indash LCD | Sony MDX-610 HU | Sony XA-300 (USB Audio!)
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      "two levels of screws" ????

      I havenīt used any screws on any of my carstereo installments since my firsy carstereo.