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Help wt. Video Output.

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  • Help wt. Video Output.

    Hey guys,

    I have a little problem.....

    I have my carpc setup and everything is running sweet.

    Just got a small problem I can't really find a way to solve..

    My setup:

    MB - Biostar M7VIG 400
    Video card - Radon 9600XT ( it has S-Video output and DVI)

    I have a pioneer AVH-p6650DVD in my setup as well. Which controlls my other two screens and my amps.

    The audio from the car pc in hooked up to the pioneers VCR audio inputs.

    The problem is I want to be able to show what the CAR PC screen shows in my pioneer screen.

    Now, I have tried to hook up the s-video output from the radon to the pioneers VCR input but I cant get a good output on the pioneer screen. (it's dark,outof focus and too small)

    My carpc runs at 800x600...

    So, I tried switching the CARPC to 640x480 = this caused nothing to show on the pioneer screen.

    Any suggestions on how I can do this???????
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