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Xenarc 700tsv freezes in OSD menu / no image

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  • Xenarc 700tsv freezes in OSD menu / no image

    I'm seriously about to throw this thing out the window. Does anyone have any idea why, *IF* I can get the xenarc to even start up, it locks up about 3 seconds into having the menu up?

    It acts completely sporatic anyway... one bootup, it will come up perfectly... i'll see the via startup image nice and clear, then on to the windows startup screen, then right up to my desktop and everything looks great.

    Next I'll do a normal shut down in windows, and bam, the next time i try to start up, the green light will come on the monitor, but NOTHING will show up... other times everything will look garbled, and the desktop will be shifted halfway off the screen.

    If i try to pull up the OSD menu to change settings, *IF* I can get it to come up (it usually will only respond to any of the buttons if i have a clear display) it totally freezes after like 3 seconds before I can even get down to change any settings...

    Any ideas guys? I'm seriously at wits end here...

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    Hmm, i seem to be having the same problem and i cant figure out what the problem is. When it doesnt display the picture, i thought its the PC vga signal but i checked on the video inputs and even those dont work. After a couple of times turning off and on (removing the power cable), it works again.


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      That's exactly what I'm noticing... it's almost like a short somewhere or something.. I pulled it out of the car and brought it inside.. i verified it wasn't the extension VGA cable, nor the power in the car because now I have it inside plugged in to AC and same issue.

      I set it down once and suddenly the white "PC" came up on the screen... I bumped it around a little bit and it would come and go as is something is shorted out somewhere, but now it's just dead again... it's strange how it seemed to degrade over time until now this.

      All i get is the green power light and nothing else. Pressing the power button does not turn it on or off.


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        I have opened it a couple of times before finally installing it in the car fascia and i wont be surprised if its a loose connection somewhere. Problem is finding out where. I thought it may be the cable, so i have ordered another one to check.


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          I heard of odd problems like this because of temperature problems. If the screen is overheating, it will cut out and not power up right. And to cold it can litterally freeze the lcd. Ususally though this requires pretty extreme temperatures....

          Ankur you opened your screen before...beaunewcomb - have you?

          Really check the ribbon cable connections, they are notorious for screwing things up. Check for any damage, a peeling contact can screw things up or a poorly seated connection can mess with the image.

          Also, you mentioned that pressing buttons gives you no response? This sounds to me like a more in depth problem. Did you ever handle the main control boards in a static situation (i.e. over a carpet, with a woolly sweater on... maybe even during installation in the car if you wore sneakers and moved over the cloth interior can build up static in your body) If you handled the main control board and shocked it, you could potentially fry an IC. IC's are hard to replace or fix... but look around the board, If there is a resistor or capacitor or some other easy to replace component looks litterally burnt, is broken etc. That could be your cause. Sometimes repairable sometiems not. but its worth a look.
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            Just noticed something funny, the bios showed the connected screen as LCD, it doesnt work as LCD only CRT. I changed it back to CRT and it was working, after a couple of power failure related bootups i noticed that the bios changed the screen type to LCD on its own again and then no display after the windows bootup logo.



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              Are you using a laptop mobo? LCD/CRT i dont think that this option is for what type of screen you use. I think it is what plug you are connected to. On a laptop, CRT just activates the external monitor port. Hence the CRT should work and the LCD shouldnt...
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