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looking for a screen to tear apart

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  • looking for a screen to tear apart

    i want a screen for my car. I cant decide what i need, but i dont really want one of the fold in ones that everyone seems to like.

    heres the dashboard, origonal then photoshopped idea... just cant pick out a screen. Dont want to spend a bundle, if you recognise the dash you'll know why.
    The touchscreen needs to be usb, not rs-232. Screen should be around 7", probably wouldnt fit much bigger, and too much smaller and its gonna be too small! i mean, 6" would be reasonable, too. and would leave extra space for the custom dimmer i need.

    As for the mods i need to be able to install a custom POT to control brightness, and a relay or something for auto-power on.

    the casing its in will be completely torn apart to install it into the dash.

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    post the measuremenrts that will fit. I have a screen that should fit. Already as an open frame setup w/bezel and I can add a dimmer for the backlight. See mt FS post for the 12.1" NEC/ELO for an example of the dimmer.


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      Actually i was thinking more of a model/brand, but i'll take some measurments today. I dont think anything bigger than a 7" 16x9 will fit, but i've gotta tear apart the driver door today, so i'll be out there anyway.