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Wow you people are fast! LCD Question

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  • Wow you people are fast! LCD Question

    Okay, now that we know we need amps, on to the LCD... I knew nothing about them when I woke up this morning, and after 8 hours or so of finding parts online I think I understand the basics. We're gonna want to use detailed and text-heavy apps (GPS maps and such, HTML text-editors on the road...) so we need a VGA LCD screen 6.4"-11" in size. NTSC and PAL video formats won't be clear enough. Any tips as to where I could find some incredibly cheap LCDs, then? We're on a spare-change budget so there's not much room for experimentation

    Thanks again, carputer gurus!
    - Strix Varius

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    search the LCD forum...

    Search around the lcd forum. Many people here are selling theirs as well. So check the classifieds too. But I believe that there are several posts around here about cheap ones. Top right...SEARCH button "chep lcd"

    Places besides here...ebay of course and there are a bunch of others, but search here before you buy. there are all sorts of things you need to look into ie. brightness/nits . you may get a VGA screen that isnt viewable in daylight. So be careful. If you find one, post a link here...there are a bunch of pro's on the board that will help ya out.
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      And for the love of God, please stop refering to TFT's as LCD and that goes for others

      Oooh wait a minute, i use the word God. Is that allowed on this board
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        TFT LCDs

        "And for the love of God, please stop refering to TFT's as LCD and that goes for others "

        TFT LCD = Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display

        TFT and LCD are (in this instance) not separate entities. Thus, a TFT LCD is an LCD screen that uses TFT technology to individually manipulate each pel.
        - Strix Varius


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          For clarity sake at the very least.. It is easier to refer to characer lcds as LCDs and tft lcds as TFTs.
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            Heh, really I should just keep my mouth closed, but im confused . I don't see any mention of TFT in the original post? is that in response to something else then?

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