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DWW 700M possible to get auto on?

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  • DWW 700M possible to get auto on?

    I have just purchased a DWW700M in dash motorised monitor

    I am wondering if its possible to get auto on when the computer turns on? (or however auto on works?)

    This is the screen:

    How does it compare to the Lilliput screens? (the in-dash motorised ones)

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    Ok I received my screen yesterday. And i installed it last night, now it only came with a VGA to S-Video cable (to plug into a S-Video Source), but when i tried using it with my laptop, it kept saying out of range... What is the correct settings to get it working (now it may be because i was using S-Video? I am going to try to get a VGA cable today)

    Is it best to run these screen at their native resolution? 800x480 (WVGA) If so how do you run Windows XP at these settings? (I vaugly remember something about some extra software being required?)