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Need advice for video/input cards

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  • Need advice for video/input cards

    Okay gurus, this is the basic system I'd like to set up:

    DVD/VCD/CD player, Television player, AM/FM Radio, MP3 player, GPS

    (The MP3 player and GPS aren't really relevant, but being complete helps to avoid problems)

    I'm gonna go for a slower proccessor (500-800Mhz, prolly) to reduce power consumption and heat, so I need hardware DVD decoding. I also need a video card with TV-out (for my TFT LCD). Also, price is a very important factor... running on the dimes and quarters I can find in the cracks of the sofa I'd love to get an all-in-one (or most-in-one) card to handle everything cheaper. I'd really appreciate any suggestions on which cards I should get for the DVD/TV/AM/FM inputs... I'm currently looking at these: (DVD decoding and TV-out) (more expensive DVD decoding and TV-out) (DVD decoding and TV-out, the specs are pretty high quality for the price... am I missing something?) (Supports MPEG 1 and 2 [which, unless I've got my wires crossed, ought to be VCD and DVD decoding] plus TV-out) (TV tuner card) (TV tuner with FM radio) (might be a cheap TV/FM solution) (possibly an even cheaper solution =) (A random card based on the GF2 that sounds *perfect* for what I need... DVD, TV, and FM all built-in... but I have no idea what the price is, it's made by some ghetto company, and it doesn't seem to be sold many places... too late to check right now though. Hopefully somebody will recognize it)

    ... anyway, there are many others but I think (from the huge number of cards I can find online) that a good solution has probably been established by many people before me =)

    Thanks again for your help, guys!
    - Strix
    - Strix Varius

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    You dont need a hardware decoder...My celeron 400 and windvd200 play DVDs with 0 problems. If you want to save power you dont want to put in more cards.

    Video...TNT2 w/tv out are cheap and great. Several companies make em...I have a Nvidia w\Creative drivers. Hop on and pricewatch, you can probably get one cheaper there than in a store. And if dont mind buying form Joe Schmo, try ebay.

    TV\ the forum...I think there is a topic now about them. They are getting cheaper and cheaper...

    ALIO...Alot of those ALL in One cards dont perform all that great. Make sure you find someone who has it before you buy it.

    Good luck,
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      Doesn't the ATI All in wonder card have a built in hardware decoder? I know it's a little expensive, but I haven't heard anything bad about them.

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