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Xenarc 1530yr 15.3" WS Roofmount LCD

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  • Xenarc 1530yr 15.3" WS Roofmount LCD

    I am considering buying this monitor for my SUV so the kids will have something to do in the back. I have seen many other LCD's like Pyle and Audiovox that offer large widescreen monitors, but the 1530yr stood out because of it's VGA connection which is great for Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 HD Gaming.

    However, there is a serious lack of feedback on this LCD. Do any of you guys know anything about it other than published specs? Have any of you seen/have one or heard of a review somewhere?

    I'm a hesitant buyer...

    Any he;p greatly appreciated,


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    Wow... so no one has seen this one? Ok... has Xenarc ever sold one? You'd think by now after it being out a year or more SOMEONE has reviewed it...?


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      Truthfully, I don't think anyone has been inclined to spend that much money. These are $629 direct from Xenarc and I have seen them as high as $729. WTH?!!! It's a monitor, not a whole freakin' system!!!!

      I've been considering this LCD as well, because there are so few that truly accept a straight VGA signal.... Cheapest I've found the 1530YR is $549.00 at .... will be ordering this week and I will let you know what I think of it.....

      Consider that I will be using this commercially..... customer entertainment only for longer trips.... so take my evauluation at face value.....

      I just noticed this post is rather old.... if you bought this LCD already, please let ME know what you think of it... LMAO!!!!