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egg dead, how to power lilli independently

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  • egg dead, how to power lilli independently

    I was using my egg to power my lilliput tru the cig lighter and it no longer powers up. How can I power my lilliput now? I dont want to power the lilliput tru my PSU because the pc will be off during PS2 play...any ideas?

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    Did you check the fuse in the egg?
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      theres no fuse how can i get a regulated 12v without using the psu


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        matrixpc had a homebuilt solution as well. It's here somewhere.
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          Here it is. Check out the Power supply subforum.

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            hmm that looks interesting except for I dont know what it means or how to do it...anything more simple? could i just cut off the egg and directly wire it to the back of the cig lighter? that wouldnt be 12v regulated would it? i dont want to screw up my screen.


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              There are only 3 options for you.
              - Buy a 12V POL from the site's store or else where.
              - Buy another egg.
              - Built the regulator base circuit that I post (or similar). There is another thread that deal with "how to power my screen."

              If you hook directly to the back of the lighter, your change of smoking that screen is very high.
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                Simple 12v regulator point of load can be made for under $10, as low as $3 if you buy the parts online. It wont handle much moe than 1amp but the screen wont be pulling that so it would be fine.

                You can buy a premade POL of the mp3car store for $34. It handles more amperage allowing you to connect multiple devices. But it is more expensive.

                Or as said buy another egg. If you can solder and arent afraid of making a simple circuit you should consider just building one, its more effective, cheaper, and the right way to wire a screen.
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                  I agree with Ruffy.

                  I have an older ITPS (one of these) I could sell you or I could build you a simple 12V regulator circuit. PM if interested. Or ask Greenman...
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