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    Ok, I'm not trying to be rude but I've posted this twice and I really need an answer. Not saying no one cares, just sayin I'm really short on time and it's important. Can something like this,00.html be used as a touch screen display for a car computer running xp and street deck??? Please, even if you don't know, just say you don't know. It's very important and I thank anyone who might know anything or nothing. Thanks again. SPACE

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    No, it can not.

    I'm going to say this for your benefit. You are being rude.
    If you want continued assistance, I suggest you stop.

    I can see very clearly what you've posted. I have also replied to at least one of your threads. In exactly zero of your posts at is there any mention of this Pioneer unit. Nowhere.
    So at this point, the idea of you 'posting this twice already' is a complete fabrication.

    Now, I, myself have answered this exact same question for you. You even thanked me for the information!

    Also, understand that if you're doing projects with a promise date, you can hardly expect a bunch of random people on the internet to adhere to your timetable. If you projected an unrealistic timeframe for a project, that is your problem. We aren't responsible. We are a community of hobbyists.

    To answer your question: No, that Pioneer unit can not be used as a touchscreen for a vehicle computer, at least without disassebmbly and hacking of that very expensive headunit.

    Now, here's where the logic comes in. If you had enough electronic knowledge to even begin to have an idea about how to hack one of these headunits, you'd also realize how completely and utterly wasteful it is in terms of time and money.

    This is nothing new. I did not come up with this startling revelation. That chorus has been sung on these forums for years. If you had actually opened your eyes and looked, you'd see that. But you didn't.

    If you are genuinely serious about a vehicle PC project, here is a starting point for you:

    If you're not willing to do some reading and research on your own and learn some new skills, you will have problem with your install. You may be fortunate and the problems are relatively minor. You could have a problem that destroys expensive equipment. You could also have a problem that ends up destropying your vehicle or killing you or someone else.
    Yes, the stakes are that high!

    My suggestion is to plan everything out as much as possible beforehand.
    Ask questions from people who have done installations with results along the lines of what you want.
    Find out if there's a meet in your area and go meet other people, check out installs, ask questions, network, etc.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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