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WVGA Alpine Touch screen

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  • WVGA Alpine Touch screen

    I was on alpine's site earlier at work because were getting their new products in stock and i saw this.

    It's touchscreen and vga i wonder if its got usb. oh and its 800x480
    any idea's. what do you guys think about it. can it work. I already have the lilliput but wanted something made more for automotive use with brighter screen. im gonna look into it more

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    you will more than likely not be able to interface the touchscreen with a pc and i doubt it even has vga in..
    alpine will use there own front end
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      well it has vga in. that i found out. and it is just a screen. its not a indash monitor with cd player n tuner thing. like the iva-w200 is. but i wonder if it has a usb on its touchscreen part so it can hook up to the pc.


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        you sure it has a computer monitor vga in? I would doubt it...

        wvga 800X480 is nothing new really for alpine, the iva d900 had it first, & that's a few years ago now, but there is no easy way to interface a pc to it... I even went so far as getting a d900 & taking it apart to try to intercept the signal to the lcd... had it been ttl or lvds I would have been able to really do a pc display pixel for pixel on an alpine, but they use a much less popular interface that is mostly used in portable dvd players & would be extremely difficult to interface to as pc's don't use this at all in any way...

        I doubt alpine would give this a pc screen input... if they did they would have to also allow usb touchscreen.... it would be nice if this was really the case though...

        it'll be a while more before pc's come to mm heads... it'll probably be practical when these little units step up to hdtv res or an hdmi or dvi input... pc inputs would be nice but none of the big manufactures want to do it yet...

        still not enough market maybe.... & then there's the liability... this will keep the big dogs & oem's outta the carpc for a while I'm guessing too... if an oem did a carpc it'd be so restricted for legal reasons that it won't even feel like a carpc as we know it... prolly have to hack the **** out of it just to be able to bid on stuff on ebay while stuck in traffic

        the day you can get an alpine carpc would be a great day, if this really does have a pc input it will make a carpc that much easier too... there new hub system is pretty cool
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          VGA Input?

          Hello 05K20a3,

          How do you know that the alpine unit has an actual vga input as you stated?
          Could you provide more info. Have you actually seen a vga input or you have some documentation?

          Any info would be great, thanks


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            yeah i was checkin it out at work, not the unit, a magzaine for installers and it listed all the inputs it had and it said vga as one of them. alpine's site doesnt show that it does. so the mag could be wrong or alpines site just doesnt list it. i was tryn to get a hold of someone from alpine when i was at work today but didnt have time. im going to try to call them again to speak with someone from alpine on monday just to verify.


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              some people call a composite tv signal vga... it's not correct but ...
              MY NEWEST INSTALL:modded infiniti fx with big screen

              first windows carpc liquid cooled LVDS screen :D