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any views on a CID700M

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  • any views on a CID700M

    Does anybody have any experience with this in-dash monitor?
    I just wanna know how reliable they are,and if it is worth its price tag?
    I chose this HU because i only have a single din to play with and ive heard that there are issues with the motorized ones.
    I need the HU to have an amp as im not gonna upgrade the audio of my car for a while,so is this my only option?
    Any help is appreciated.

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    It's also known as the DWW-750FM, as sold by Digital WorldWide.
    Considering that this is a newer offering from both vendors, I don't think there are that many on the streets for people to have much practical hands-on experience. I think the higher price tag also shies people away.

    Iff you're not going to upgrade the audio of your car, why do you need a unit with FM radio and an amplifier? All you need to do is get the audio from the PC to the headunit via CD changer or AUX input, and you can use any screen you want!

    In short: no, that's not your only option.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      thx for the reply,now that i know it has another vendor i can get one for cheaper at digital world.
      because i only have a single din and nowhere else to mount the touchscreen other than in the hu slot.
      I want the standard speakers to come through the hu thats why i want one with an amp built in so i dont have to mess with the speaker setup as im not sure if it will alter my warranty with bmw.