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Where can I get pin outs?

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  • Where can I get pin outs?

    I'm looking for The pinouts on two lcd screens a
    Mitsubishi aa121sj23 12.1 or
    Sharp LM12S481. If you guys could help me find them I'd be very appricative, and either find a way to pay or trade something for this info, Google searches only find surplus sales, or other people looking for the same thing and such I need the tech info to wire up to a controller. OR
    LOOKING to buy an LCD/LVDS 8+ That you have the pin out's on. I'm not looking to buy someones 200 lillput or such. Thanks

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    none of them looks like LVDS...

    The aa121... seems to be ttl rgb (6x3 color bit + clk, vsync,hsync)
    The lm series from Sharp were old DSTN displays.
    I made a PCI video card (PCIx690) and tft (Toshiba ltm12c275) connection first via lcd wires then by a TMDS connection - eight years ago.
    Today it does not worth the effort, since lcd monitors are so dirt cheap.

    Anyway, check similar (not the same) display pinouts on my page.
    The first two letters refers the manufacturer and type, then comes the size and finally other infos...
    More similar the code, more similar the pinout.
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      Well kinda made me feel even more at a loss I think I'm getting a good deal on something and it turns out to be useless. Anyways I clicked your link it opens a page but I can't click any of the other link within it.


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        ahh nevermind figured it out, have to download sorry been a while since I visited an actual home sever. Hey bbalazs could you give me a few tips on some cheap LVDS's that you have pin-outs on. I'm owkring on a custom install and would like 10-12inch but I could go all out with 15 if I have to. I have a controller, just nothing I can control as of yet. Thanks for the link none- the less.


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          Why that lvds is so important?

          I suggest you to get a used 15 lcd and connect it to VGA.
          When you are obsessed about lvds it is easy to have a notebook with motherboard failure, approx 95% of the 14.1 lcds are LVDS.
          Once I had a toshiba laptop with lvds in 12'

          The pinout of lvds displays are quite easy:
          Usually it has a standard 20 pin linear

          nc or so.

          Watch those very thin line pairs among GNDs, they are the pairs. For such a short distance there is no need to twist them.
          Vcc is usually 3.3V, but older displays need 5V

          Backlight is totally independent from the LCD, you can drive it with any laptop inverter OF THE SAME DISPLAY SIZE (the size of the tube does matter, because it determines the voltage). At least 95% of he laptop displays have just one tube. You can use a little bit smaller, eg 12' on behalf of 14, but your screen became dim or sometimes does not ignite at all.

          The inverter usually has 4 pins (really used)
          Vcc - 12V
          enable - 5V
          brightness - PWM signal or a voltage 0-2.5V, sometimes 0-5V you can try it.

          Enable signal goes to the base of an smd transistor, brightness usually to a small capacitor and resistor wired to gnd.

          Anyway, I suggest you to use an older 15' because it can receive VGA signal, the display is brighter, and need 12V. Disadvantage is the size.
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