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  • LCD infront of HU

    ok, so i have a low post count, thus I'm an idiot. However, i have done a brief search and didn't find anything regarding my question. it is however 1:20am where i live and I'm a bit tired, so if i missed it i apologize.

    I've been racking my brain thinking of where to mount a 7" touchscreen (that has yet to be purchased) in my dash. I want to keep my head unit as this will make wiring simpler for me (low post count, remember, idiot..)

    the cat-5 soldering sounds like a great idea, even for a clown like myself. I figure I'll velcro it on the side of my center dash by my leg mainly for volume control, yet have it available to be moved freely within a foot or so of the mounting point.

    since i want to keep my headunit, and the wiring that's oh so neatly tucked away already, i was wondering if anybody has mounted an LCD infront of their HU. I know space is tight, but even if there was an inch to play with i figure this can be done............. or can it? anybody try this yet?

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    You have a number of options. I don't know what kind of vehicle you are installing this in, but I am building a system for my 01 SuperDuty pickup. I like the headunit, so I am installing the monitor on a retractable bracket at the center console. I'm currently using a PPC as my GPS/MP3 player in that location.

    For some ideas, look into police cruisers. They have some very interesting setups.