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Which 8" monitor do you recommend for BMW E39??

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  • Which 8" monitor do you recommend for BMW E39??


    What kind of 8" monitor can you recommend??

    It will be used in BMW 528i E39 (1999) for CARPC-navi,films,etc..

    Im thinking to mount it on top of air vent in cetre!


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    Well you can get many options. Depends on your pricerange and what you are willing to sacrifice.

    Cheaper (Meaning under $400) screens are not very easy to see in the sunlight. They get overpowered and then you cant see anything really. Transflective is the way to go there to get around this problem but you have to pay for it. The 8" transflective is $700 from the store.

    Then there is how long you want it to last. Xenarc is regarded as a better brand and people assume they last longer. Lilliputs are more of the cheapest of the cheap but be prepared for random problems and a moderately speedy death.

    I'll leave you with that.
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      this is a topic that only you can answer.

      This forum provides you with the resources to find the answers you will need. Just don't get overwhelmed. Welcome to the forums btw.
      Jan Bennett
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      Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!