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10"ish screen Recomendations

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  • 10"ish screen Recomendations

    Ive recently built by bezel for my 7" screen and been playing, and decided its not big enough, its going to be too fidly to use, so im looking to get a bigger screen in.
    The lilliput 10.4" will only just fit into my centre console, so ideally id like to get something ever so slightly narrower to make fitting easier.

    Has anyone used or seen one of these?

    If so whats your opinion?

    The other option is the 10.4" lilliput,
    Again, opinions?

    Ideally id like to stay below $350 for the screen.


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    someone must be using a 10.4" screen or similar surely?


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      I use the Xenarc TSV1020. 10.2" Good picture quality and OK brightness in evening and nighttime. During sunny days its more or less useless if you cant shade it. It has a buggy rearviewcamera option that doesnt really work. Maybe they have fixed that on newer models. Mine is about one year old.
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