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Intec 8270 (for xbox) with notebook.

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  • Intec 8270 (for xbox) with notebook.

    First of all this site is awesome. I've been toying with the idea of putting a pc in my car for a few years. Now I'm finally doing it.

    What I have is an old IBM Thinkpad R40 I bought off of ebay. It has svideo out on it, the Intec 8270 also has svideo, which I assume to be an input? The manual for it on their website looks like total *** and it's impossible to read. What I am wondering is would this work to display the notebook in my console (on my transmission hump)? Would there be any special hardware modifications I would have to do to make this work? I want some experienced opinions on this matter before I commit. I plan on mounting the LCD itself in my console, minus the crappy plastic housing, I don't need the speakers obviously so they'll most likely be disconnected. I plan on controlling it with a wireless keyboard, a 10 key mounted on the console as well as a touch pad mouse. I won't need the monitor for anything other than just pulling up winamp and using the 10 key to cycle through songs. Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Feel free to flame away.

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    s-video out means that you can connect the laptop to another deive eg. TV to display your laptop images. so if your thinking that if you attach an xbox to it, it will display on your laptop. it wont work. i dont know if this might work but a video capture card. check it out


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      I think you misread my post. I'm wanting to display my notebook on the Intec 8270 LCD display for the xbox. Not display the xbox on my computer.


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        Wow, I have been completely blown off.



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          I'm not sure if this will help, but there are quite a few people who are running non-vga screens in their carpc set up. Since you only want to use the screen as your mp3 interface then quality isn't going to be a big issue. A quick look on ebay show that similare screens are very cheap, so if you can afford it give it a try. Worst case is you have to relist it on Ebay and sell it to an X-boxer.
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