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In-Dash Transreflective?

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  • In-Dash Transreflective?

    I searched the forums and the store and even does anyone make a DIN transreflective monitor? I can't find one anywhere.

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    Originally posted by belezeebub View Post
    I searched the forums and the store and even does anyone make a DIN transreflective monitor? I can't find one anywhere.
    You can get the transflective unit, and remove it from the case, and mold it into, or install it into, your dash if you like.

    There are few double din simple install units, and currently, none of them are transflective.

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      Currently, there aren't any single din, fold out screens that offer the trans upgrades.

      In fact, there is really only one option for trans VGA screens period, fold out or otherwise.
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        I know Digitalww pretty much started out just shoving Lilliputs in his home made din box it can't be that hard to make a bit more room and get a t-flective unit in the same case, slap a warrentee on it and he will get my 700-900 ish bucks (heck I'll be one of the first 10 people to buy one)

        I would do it myself but I no longer have the manual dextority needed I have massive nerve degeneration on both hands they are numb 24x7 I am sure I would jam the screw driver through the back of the PC board if I tried.

        (its good for freaking people out a parties I don't need to use a pop holder to pull stuff out of the oven and I have rolled my fingers up in the car window and not known till I tried to move.


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          better be carefull. Even though you don't feel it it still does damage...but some funny shizit though!!


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            Off Topic for a second, I was making a grilled Cheese sandwich a few months ago I had one side toasting I flipped it over and the other side was just red with blood, I through what the heck is going on then I noticed red spots on the stove that is when I figured out I had sliced my hand when i was slicing the cheese I had drop of blood all over the kitchen and hallway as I rambled around passing time while my sandwich toasted (took 8 stitches and a drive to the hostipal room) I had Burger king on the way home.

            but I can laugh about it now. I have a ton of stories like this leaning on my GF's curling iron and not noticing till it smells funny eta...

            Back on topic I got a PM from someone stating they are going to start selling this item will hope for some photos before and a bit of a review before I plop down money.