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12.1" lcd touchscreen

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  • 12.1" lcd touchscreen

    anyone know where i can get a 12.1" touchscreen from for a decent price?

    best i could find was at for 149$...but it is a universal 12-14" model

    i have a couple of microtouch controllers and several 10.4" overlays........if i could just find the overlay for a 12.1 that would work great.

    or if anyone wants to trade a 12.1 overlay for a complete 10.4" touchscree....maybe we can work something out???


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    u wanna sell a 10.4 overlay? does it come complete?


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      you got aim or windows messenger?

      shaonizzit on aim for winmess


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        Well, this is just an overlay, not a complete kit, but check this out.

        $145 for the 12.1. I just ordered a 12.1 lcd kit from earthlcd for $250 (comes with everything, controller, inverter, cable, power adapter etc...) and I think Im going to just order an overlay from, cause you get a complete kit for $160 whereas from this company you get just an overlay. Plus, the way Im installing my screen behind my dash, you wouldnt be able to see the fact that the overlay was a little bigger then the screen...

        Anyway, hope that helps.
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          thanks for the reply.......i would go that route as well, but i don't have 14" to spare behind my dash install