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(Newbie) need advice on connecting TFT LCD

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  • (Newbie) need advice on connecting TFT LCD

    Allrighty, I just got an 11" Sharp CA 51001 (for cheap) to learn how to hook it up, how things look, etc.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea how to connect it I've got a GeForce3 with TV-out, so theoretically I should be able to output to this screen, aye? But none of the connections on the TFT seem to match the connections on my GF3. Is this because the cable needed to connect them has different connectors on each end, or something? Or am I gonna have to buy an adapter?

    Thanks for your help!
    - Strix Varius

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    If that screen doesn't have RCA inputs then you can't use TV out. Is it a VGA screen? If so then you are going to need a controller card for it to work.
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