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What the hell kind of TFT LCD did I buy?

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  • What the hell kind of TFT LCD did I buy?

    I just received this 11" TFT LCD, but I can't figure out what type of bloody input it uses... the power connector (I'm guessing that's what the cord is, anyway) looks very much like those used by drives and such in a computer... maybe same standard? I dunno! How do I get video on this thing? Make your best guess...


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    The controller card (which you need to buy) is what will have the standard monitor adapter (the thing on the back of the computer you plug your monitor into). Then, you'll just run a male/male monitor extension cable between your vid card and your LCD controller.

    Finding controller cards is semi-difficult, so good luck on that. Plus, they can be pretty pricey.

    Edit: I'm guessing the seller has sold many of those LCDs (they're OEM.. they usually get them in bulk). Perhaps he knows a little something about the screen. Ask him about the controller card necessary to run it.


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      Its a lcd out of some laptop. If you have the model number, try contacting earthlcd (i believe, and you can search for other suggested sites) to see about a controller card for it.

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        <Resists urge to say somthing about impulse buying electronics components.>


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          My guess is its a monochrome laptop display that would be of no real use... (I have one if you want it) The "power" connection is the leads that come off your Backlight and requires an inverter to make it work (600-800 volts ac)... My advise, relist and try to get rid of it! I am pretty sure (at least for sharp screens) that the more metal that is showing on the back, the higher quality screen!

          For example, the attached photo has three sharp screens.. The far right is a really ****ty black & white 8.4" that came from a toshiba laptop... the middle one is a 8.4" 12 bit color TFT that came as an option in the same laptop, and the far left is a 10.4" 18 bit color TFT that came from some other laptop...

          Good luck!

          (by the way, I have also noticed that the crappy screens usually start with LM in the model number and the nice ones generally start with LQ)

          All that having been said, you will still need a controller (approx. $200 min) and an inverter (approx $50)

          Good luck,

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