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Xenarc MDT-X7000 inputs

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  • Xenarc MDT-X7000 inputs

    Hi guys, I've just bought one of these brand new for my first in-car pc setup (finally took the plunge!) Hopefully all the issues I read about will be fixed in the updated model I have purchased.

    However, I was wondering if you could provide me with some details on the connections it uses. Obviously I could wait until it arrives sometime next week but ten I wouldn't be able to order the extra long cables I need to get it working straight away
    I've also tried search these forums, the Flux Media forums, the product manual and the Internet in general for answers, but I can't find what I want!

    1. What connection is used to connect the PC audio output to the unit? Is it a 3.5m headphone jack? Also, how many are used (is it just one that will then provide audio to all 4 speakers or are there two to allow control of front and back audio independantly?)

    2. Is the VGA connection male or female?

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    1. Wiring diagram is near the end of the manual. PC audio input is stereo RCA jacks, L/R only.
    2. Standard VGA cable works, so that would be female.



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      Thanks, obviously I did download the manual but it only tells you what connections it has, not the quantity and type