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Xenarc 805TSV Installation

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  • Xenarc 805TSV Installation

    I just received a tested the 805TSV with my desktop PC and I am impressed.

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    Xenarc monitor test

    I plugged the Xenarc 8" LCD into my desktop to check the functionality.

    Wow! My first impression of the screen image.

    I left the desktop resolution at 1290x1024 at 75hz and the image is nice. Certainly a little small but ok for the test.

    Inserted the driver disk and selected WinXP.

    The setup asked 2 questions that are not explained very well.

    Install PS2 driver

    Install RS232 driver

    There is a note about a PS2 mouse still working.

    I selected yes to both.

    During the setup I got a message that no PS2 device was found. Ok, that makes sense because I have a USB mouse. So, next time I will not select the PS2 driver unless I have a PS2 mouse.

    Drivers install and it is rebooting.

    I asked to perform the 4 point calibration on the next boot-up.

    4 point calibration started. In each corner it gives you a circled red X. Just place the pointer on the X and hold until the X turns blue and a blue circle is drawn. Repeat on all the corners. No directions were given but it was simple to figure out.

    Touchsceen works with the pointer and my finger. At this resolution it is tough to get into the corners with my fingers.


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      Xenarc and a backup camera.

      There are quite a few posts about the Lilliput monitors with a special wire that you can tap into so the backup camera when powered will cause the monitor to switch to AV1.

      Well to my surprise Xenarc has made it much easier.

      There is an on screen menu function that will do exactly that. If there is a source tied in AV1 the monitor will automatically switch the that source.

      No wiring needed, now that is a nice surprise.

      I see a backup camera in my future switched on and off the the reverse lights.
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