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805TSV IR Wiring

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  • 805TSV IR Wiring

    I have installed the 805TSV in my car.

    The next step is to install an IR sensor and wire it to the monitor.

    I would like to avoid installing the entire bezel.

    Any ideas on the wiring diagram for the button board on the bezel.

    I need to know which wires need to connect to the IR sensor.

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    I was able to determine that the IR sensor is wired as follows:

    Terminal A - wire 11 should be the output

    Terminal B- wire 1 (red) should be ground

    Terminal C - wire 10 should be 3-5v

    However, i found a couple different terminal configurations.

    I do not know what frequency IR sensor to use. There seems to be 2 common freqs, 38.5Khz and 56.8Khz.


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      I plan on testing the LCD remote as follows. I have a 38.5Khz IR sensor, hopefully this will work.

      Then I have to figure out which wire goes where.

      Here we will connect the detector as such:
      Pin 1 is the output so we wire this to a visible LED and resistor
      Pin 2 is ground
      Pin 3 is VCC, connect to 5V
      When the detector sees IR signal, it will pull the output low, turning on the LED - since the LED is red its much easier for us to see than IR!


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        Using the Xenarc remote I was able to receive the signal using the 38.5Khz IR sensor.

        The next step is to wire the sensor directly to the LCD panel and get the remote to work.


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          I connected the appropriate wires from the LCD main board to the IR sensor on the bezel button board.

          Remote did not work with only 3 of 12 wires connected.

          I also could not see any voltage on the sensor.

          I tried hooking up my powered IR sensor to the output line going to the LCD but that didn't work either.

          It would be real nice if Xenarc would help out......what will it take to get the remote to work without using the entire bezel?

          In the mean time, I will rewire the entire harness and see if the bezel is working.


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            Just got an email from Xenarc.

            Waiting for some details.

            Great support and they were quick to respond.

            PM me if you ever need contact info.


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              Thanks to Jimmy Hu at Xenarc. The support has been fantastic.

              My IR circuit has been wired to the LCD panel and the remote works.