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Installing VoomPC2/TS/GPS/Wireless into Lincoln LS

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  • Installing VoomPC2/TS/GPS/Wireless into Lincoln LS

    Well, ive been on these forums off and on for years first planned to install a carputer into my 85 regal, but now i have an 03 lincoln ls i wanna install to.
    **So any lincoln ls owners please give me some advice!!**
    Every year or so i come back here to ask what the latest products to use and everyones favorites...

    Heres my plans..
    Started out as, dell laptop/dock mounted in trunk connected to a mounted xenarc or lilliput touchscreen up front.

    Now i wanna buy the voompc2, 512mb,cd/dvd drive, 80gig, wireless network adapter or usb stick, odbII connection (not too neccessary right now), usb gps

    I plan to flush mount the lcd in the dash where the doubledin 6cdplayer used to be, a power button somewhere on the dash, voom mounted in trunk on the floor or rearseat...

    Are lilliputs still reputable? same for xenarc
    - reputable sellers?
    - exact instructions on wiring it to a source without possible future spikes and damaging?
    - any mods to increase brightness for daytime use?

    Voompc2, is it worth it or should i just scrounge for parts on ebay or pc forums?

    Whats everyones fav software these days for easy functionality and use? A gui for the usual versatile tools such as nav, radio, playlists, sat radio, etc..

    Is it possible to mount a single power button to power on the monitor and pc and still be able to shut it all down properly with windows "shutdown"? Then use that same flip switch to cut all power off?? Theres alot of questionable things to consider when powering off and on this carputer... Just wondering what everyones methods are..


    EDIT: Also, what is everyone using to testbench their equipment before putting into their cars?? I wanna install everything and make sure its working properly before installing into the car
    EDIT2: What are my options for getting sound out through my speakers? Ive already bought a PIE aux interface module but i think it needs to be hooked to the factory cdplayer.. i dunno.

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    Be careful with getting the screen. I have bought 3 screens on eBay, and they have all died in my car. The last one I bought was from a seller authorized by Lilliput, and the screen still died. So, be careful with the screen. For bench testing, you can buy a nice 12V power supply at Radio Shack, or you can go the way I did and use an old PC power supply to power everything. Recent model cars have more and more complicated sound systems, so you might want to consider buying an amp for your car and hooking it to the car PC unless you want to use the factory HU.