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Mazda 3 Carputer Idea

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  • Mazda 3 Carputer Idea

    I am new to carputer systems, but hopefully i provide enough information for someone's input. I just bought a 2005 Mazda 3 S Touring, and wanted to have a carputer system similar to the following diagram:

    The screen would come out manually in the similar location to where the stock navigation would be like on the grand touring edition of the vehicle. The carputer would be mounted inside my glove box.

    This pic shows how the monitor would come out of the dash.

    Here's a list of all the parts I was going to order to accomplish this project. It is a Word document.

    Does anyone think the motherboard listed in the document is sufficient enough for video output for Windows Media Center 2005 and/or using the StreetDeck software at 30fps? If not, would a pci video card work in the case I speced out? Lastly, would it be wiser to have a car audio/video installer work on this, or is it pretty straightforward in installation (after the carputer is assembeled and operational). Thanks for your input.

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    I think that the motherboard and proc. listed are adequate for video output for MCE 2005 and/or the StreetDeck software. If you wanted to, you could use a PCI video card in this case, but you would probably have to use a PCI riser, which would allow you to have the card lie horizontally across the board. Finally, if you can get cheap installation, by all means get it professionally installed. I know, cheap installation is probably an oxymoron because there is really no such thing, but try your options anyway. For something like putting the computer in the glove compartment, I think you could handle it. That screen in the dash installation could give you trouble though.


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      lower prices

      you can buy a few of your other components from theonlykid1 for cheaper
      I bought several things from him recently and his prices are great
      I don't know him but he seems pretty decent
      others might check him out as well


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        Just be warned: you will NOT be able to read that screen during the daytime at all. Mine is positioned where the radio used to be (most common Mazda 3 install), and still gets too much glare. I recommend the transreflective screen if you can swing it.

        Also, consider the serial version of the GPS. Dont have as many random USB plug-n-play issues, better hibernation support, and frees up a USB port.
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