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A Newbie question about a video camera

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  • A Newbie question about a video camera


    This is my first post here.

    I watch the CAN BUS of my 2006 Prius with a Lilliput 629GL-70NP screen connected to a V4 CAN-VIEW which is plugged into the OBDII port. The power for the 629GL comes from the OBDII port. The 629GL is equipped with a female RCA input (yellow) for video. My question is, will a video camera such as this transmit a video image when plugged into this video input when the 629GL is on using the power from the OBDII port?

    I seriously tried to search the site for an answer and confess I didn't know where to start. If the response is that I need to search for the answer, some suggestions for how to search would be welcome.

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    the transmitting of video is not dependent on the screen. The camera you posted states that it needs a 12 VDC power source. You need to tap that line into something like your reverse lights so it turns on when in reverse. Once it has power it can send images. I think the Lilliput doesn't have an auto detect video line. You will need to switch sources in order to see the camera.


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      I think some models of lilliputs can auto detect but it is done through the remote hack.
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